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Christopher Kniel and Ilja Mess - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg

Collector’s Edition
with 2 C-Prints – »Aydin« and »Dina«– sheet size 18 x 24 cm, edition of 50 + 2, Euro 85

Selected title German Photo Book Award 2014

Christopher Kniel and Ilja Mess
Love Peace Hope

There is a time in life when so much is in motion and anything seems possible. But is it like that everywhere? No matter which country you grow up in, and under what kinds of conditions?
Christoph Kniel and Ilja Mess portray young adults in three cities – in Russia, Turkey and Morocco. In deliberately unspectacular yet intense photographs, they get closer to their subjects, creating a many-layered picture of their lives and juxtaposing it with scenes of the urban environment. We get a sense of how surroundings are capable of shaping people’s lives, slowing them down or inspiring them to move forward. Just like social structures, religion, or role models – as well as the district these young people live in, their street and their friends.
The questions Christoph Kniel and Ilja Mess pose in short interviews are designed to uncover the hopes cherished by this younger generation and the opportunities available for fulfilling them. Love Peace Hope exists everywhere. It is not tied to a specific place.

Authors: Cindy Gates
Artists: Christoph Kniel, Ilja Mess

20 x 25 cm
112 pages
53 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-382-2
Euro 29,90