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Jessica Backhaus - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg

"Backhaus has a wonderful sense of pacing and pattern, which is conveyed both in individual photographs (...) and in the organization of the images in the book, which is itself covered in a delicate, doilylike punk-and-white lace."
art on paper, 2006


Group show
“Carl Schuch und die zeitgenössische Stillleben-Fotografie”, Germany
2013 -2014

Siegerlandmuseum, Siegen
10th May 2013 – 2nd June 2013

Stadtmuseum Siegburg, Siegburg
14th July 2013 – 8th Sept. 2013

Städt. Kramer-Museum, Kempen
22nd Sept. 2013 – 24th Nov. 2013

Kunstsammlungen, Zwickau
6th Dec. 2013 – 16th Feb. 2014

Solo Shows
Wouter van Leeuwen Gallery, Amsterdam
25th May – 29th June 2013, opening 25th of May 2013

Robert Morat Galerie, Hamburg
Sept. 6th 2013-Oct. 2013

Kunsthalle Erfurt
19.Sept. 2013 – 24.Nov. 2013

UNSEEN PHOTO FAIR, Robert Morat Galerie Booth, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
25th Sept – 29th Sept. 2013

Robert Klein Gallery, Boston, USA
October-November 2013, Opening 5th of October 2013

Stieglitz 19, Antwerp, Belgium
November – December 2013

Maison de la Photographie, Lille, France
Winter 2013/14

Micamera Galerie, Milan, Italy
Spring 2014

Photographica Fine Art, Lugano, Switzerland
Spring 2014

Jessica Backhaus
Jesus and the Cherries

The photographer Jessica Backhaus has traveled in the region of
the Polish province of Pomosrskie repeatedly since 1993. She spent a total of three and a half years portraying the town of Netno and its residents. She shows people in their apartments, at work, and in the untouched Polish landscape. With a sure eye and an unusual colour language, she points out important but easily overlooked details: plastic flowers and crocheted pillowcases, images of saints and lace doilies, and cherries preserved in mason jars. The pictures are neither intrusive nor tactless; she encounters people with dignity and full of admiration for the way of life of Poland�s rural population.
The intimate character of the photos suggests that the German-
American photographer must have developed a special relationship to her subject: In Backhaus photographs we feel the warmth, cordiality, and authenticity with which she was received in Poland. The photographers clear gaze captured the beauty of everyday details and moods. Jesus and the Cherries describes a Poland still a long way from the modernizations that full integration in the European Union will bring. Jessica Backhaus thus tells a tale of traditional ways of life that may already belong to the past.
Jessica Backhaus was born in Cuxhaven, Germany, and currently resides in New York.
At the age of sixteen, she moved to Paris, where she spent the next eight years, studying photography and visual communications and working as a picture editor. During that time she mets Giselle Freund, who becomes her mentor. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe and the United States including the National Portrait Gallery, London and the Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin.
Jessica Backhaus is represented by Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York and The Photographers Gallery, London.

Authors: Monica Rydiger, Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen
Artists: Jessica Backhaus

24,6 x 32,8 cm
144 pages
94 color photographs
ISBN 978-3-936636-63-5
Euro 58,-