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Ji Hyun Kwon - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg

Iris BookCafe and Gallery
Cincinnati, USA
5.10.2015 – 22.01.2016

Ji Hyun Kwon

Guilt is both the starting point and the subject matter of this conceptual photo series – or perhaps better put, performance. Guilt cannot be objectified, and thus here it is consequently expressed in a highly individual, sometimes even comprehensible, manner. In some societies it is hardly possible to show or express certain emotions. We must thus credit the artist for her great empathy and tenacity, for continuing to successfully convince people from a variety of cultures to engage in her intense role-play. During a second meeting at the photo studio, they stand before a mirror and, using a light or a dark grease pen depending on the skin color, inscribe their face with their own guilt – literally. At times it is a single word, sometimes a brief sentence, and on rare occasions, an entire story. She brings the sequence to life and gives it international pertinence through the subject’s native language. For ultimately, the resulting image reveals something that otherwise remains hidden behind a mask: fear and feelings of guilt in the depths of one’s soul. (Matthias Harder)

Authors: Matthias Harder, Sunyoung Kim
Artists: Ji Hyun Kwon

Designed by Kehrer Design
12 x 16 cm
168 pages
42 color ills
ISBN 978-3-86828-642-7
Euro 29,90