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Jonna Kina - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg


AFTERSOUND: Frequency, Attack, Return
Miller Gallery in Pittsburgh, USA
21.08.2015 – 22.11.2015

Art Fair Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland
18.09.2015 – 20.09.2015

Young Artists 2015
Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland
28.11.2015 – 03.01.2016

Museo Amparo in Puebla, Mexico
31.10.2015 – 15.02.2016

Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago
11.03. – 30.04.2016

Jonna Kina

The series Foley Objects involves a game of synaesthesia. In this work Jonna Kina plays with viewers’ expectations and with the conceptual delimitations of the photographic medium. The words refer to the sound generated by the objects that are portrayed. »Foley« means the reproduction of sound effects, which are added in postproduction to enhance the audio experience in films. The connection of the two, image and the text, is in a sense arbitrary and surreal but also strictly documentary in its approach. This collection of images could be seen as an archive of sounds, as well as a twist between documentation and absurd playfulness. Foley Objects has been nominated by numerous awards such as the Nordic Dummy Award (2014), New York Photo Awards (2013), Hasselblad Foundation – Victor Fellowship Award (2013), Photo Levallois Award (2013) and Source Cord Prize (2014) amongst others.

Jonna Kina’s works (b. 1984) have been presented in numerous group and solo exhibitions, most recently at the Rooster Gallery, New York, the Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, and the Hasselblad Foundation, Gothenburg.

Authors: Gregory Volk
Artists: Jonna Kina

Designed by Kehrer Design
2 cover different motifs
24 x 28,8 cm
60 pages
26 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-646-5
Euro 29,90