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The jury met on 16th to 18th April in Rome, Italy. The Jury consisted of five publishers, namely Benoît Rivero (Actes Sud), Leopoldo Blume (Blume), Dewi Lewis and Caroline Warhurst (Dewi Lewis Publishing), Mario Peliti (Peliti Associati), and Klaus Kehrer (Kehrer Verlag). The guest jurors were Renata Ferri, photo editor of Io Donna - Corriere della Sera and Amica - RCS MediaGroup, Italy, and John Demos, photographer and curator, Athens.
Peliti is the project leader 2015.

The following photographers were shortlisted:

Javier Arcenillas

Carlos Ayesta & Guillaume Bression

Carl Bigmore
Between Two Mysteries

Simona Ghizzoni
Rayuela (2006 – 2015)

Jon Lowenstein
Shadow Lives USA

Dougie Wallace
Road Wallah

Winner 2015
Danila Tkachenko

The winner of the European Publishers Award for Photography (EPAP) 2015 is Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko with his project Restricted Areas.

The book will be published in autumn 2015 by the five publishers in five languages. The formal presentation of the Award will be held at the Rencontres d’Arles during the opening week in July at the Théâtre antique.