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Kehrerverlag - Catrine Val
Catrine Val

Superficially, Catrine Val explores in "FEM!NIST" the surface of appearances. In a variety of different stagings, she shows scenes from the life of a hybrid woman, mother and artist, drifting abruptly from one identity type to the next.

ISBN 978-3-86828-290-0
Euro 36,–

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Kehrerverlag - Corinne Vionnet
Corinne Vionnet
Photo Opportunities

We travel, we see a monument, we take a picture. Framing sites of mass tourism in our viewfinders, we create photographic souvenirs that are integral to the touristic experience. Conducting keyword searches of famed monuments in photo sharing web sites, Swiss /French artist Corinne Vionnet culled thousands of tourists’ snapshots for her series Photo Opportunities.

ISBN 978-3-86828-233-7
30 Euro

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Kehrerverlag - Édouard Vuillard
Édouard Vuillard

Along with Pierre Bonnard and Maurice Denis, Édouard Vuillard (1868 – 1940) was one of the most prominent figures in the artists’ group that called itself the »Nabis« (prophets), founded in Paris in 1888. The group took up the principles of the Impressionists and then went beyond them.

ISBN 978-3-86828-030-2
38 Euro

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Kehrerverlag - Maya Vonmoos
Maya Vonmoos
Digital Energy

Swiss artist Maya Vonmoos belongs to the avant-garde of »computer art.« By contrast with interactive Web art, however, she has used the computer from the very beginning as a »medium for a new kind of painting.«...

ISBN 978-3-939583-32-5
23,50 Euro

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Kehrerverlag - Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt
Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt

Monkey or dog, animals strange or familiar, Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt does not differentiate. He fixes a moment of meeting between two beings, so close, so different.

ISBN 978-3-86828-407-2
34,00 Euro

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Kehrerverlag - Niina Vatanen
Niina Vatanen
A room's memory / Huoneen Muisti

Niina Vatanen’s first monograph, A Room’s Memory, includes four bodies of works created between 2006 and 2012. Vatanen builds layers into her images through painting, cutting, bonding, staging and re-photographing. The images thus emerging interweave into a layered tapestry of time and memory.

ISBN 978-3-86828-420-1
Euro 39,90

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Kehrerverlag - Paul Virilio / Jacqueline Salmon
Paul Virilio / Jacqueline Salmon
Chambres précaires

»Chambres précaires« juxtaposes an essay by philosopher Paul Virilio with photographs by Jacqueline Salmon showing deserted homeless shelters. It is the residents absence in these laconically unspectacular images that helps us to discern here how society treats those groups of people who have withdrawn from its prescribed realm.

ISBN 978-3-933257-35-2
16 Euro

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Kehrerverlag - Stephan von Huene
Stephan von Huene
Grenzgänger, Grenzverschieber

The work of media artist Stephan von Huene (1932–2000) in the field of international sound sculpture is characterized by a rare equality between object and sound.

ISBN 978-3-936636-85-7
19,80 Euro

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Kehrerverlag - Vertrautes Terrain
Vertrautes Terrain
Aktuelle Kunst in & über Deutschland

"Vertrautes Terrain" presents the sucessful exhibition of the same name at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art Karlsruhe 2008/9. At the center is the search for a foreign and familiar picture of Germany and its relevance in art and peripheral areas.

ISBN 978-3-86828-064-7
36 Euro

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Kehrerverlag - VETO
Zeitgenössische Positionen in der Deutschen Fotografie

VETO brings together eight artists whose photography goes beyond creating a likeness of reality, sounding out the conditions under which the contemporary photographic image treats its theme.

ISBN 978-3-86828-127-9
19,80 Euro

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