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Carlos Cazalis - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg

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Selected title German Photo Book Award 2014

Carlos Cazalis
Occupy Sao Paulo

Since 2005 Carlos Cazalis has been photographing some of the world’s largest cities, Occupy São Paulo being the first chapter in his Urban Meta project. As one of the world’s mega cities reaching a population of 20 million, the city of São Paulo perpetuates a tremendous urban stress to it’s residents, especially in terms of habitat. The bare necessity of finding shelter, a home, is amongst the most economically challenging situations, whether one is rich or poor. For those on the lower end of the spectrum, the idea of a home is a constant process of adding walls, a room, a second floor and a roof over an ex tended period of time. For those wealthy enough to build their dream home, whether as a penthouse on a high rise or as a well guarded house, the fear of leaving the home is as great as the necessity of returning back safely. Cazalis’ images show the chaos, the sense of loss, the daily struggles of the city’s dwellers.
Cazalis’ (b. 1969 in Mexico City) work has been exhibited widely in Latin America and Europe, including Visa Pour L’Image and Noorderlicht. His images have appeared in Le Monde, L’Espresso, The New York Times, National Geographic, Stern, Asahi and The Guardian, among others. He has won the World Press Photo Award with his images of the homeless of São Paulo.

Editor: Bree Seeley
Authors: Carlos Cazalis
Artists: Carlos Cazalis

30 x 24 cm
112 pages
144 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-400-3
Euro 39,90