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Evi Lemberger - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg


Hin und weg. Alles vergänglich?
Exhibition by Evi Lemberger, Karl Hohenadl with Erika Jell
Step Across Gallery, Munich
11.01. – 26.03.2016

Evi Lemberger
Between Then and Now

Between Then and Now is a project that tells of a world that is almost past. Specifically, this vanishing world is located in the Bavarian Forest, a region which is known for its rural and small-town structure and which is subject to stark changes from a traditional to a modern society. Generally, however, this phenomenon can be located everywhere where change happens in society. Old ideas are rejected and replaced by new ones. The only traces to the past are places and people. Both, scarred by their life and by events, bear witness for the bygone world.

Evi Lemberger was born in the Bavarian Forest in 1983. She has spent more than ten years living in England, Russia, the USA, and Germany and works on a freelance basis for print media and in the art sector.

Authors: Alisa Beck, Anna Wheill, Herbert Poehnl, Mads Holm
Artists: Evi Lemberger

Designed by
Kehrer Design
20 x 24
104 pages
36 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-684-7
Euro 29,90