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Jane Fulton Alt
The Burn

»These photographs are part of a series begun in 2007 when I observed my first controlled prairie burn. I was immediately struck by the burn’s visual and expressive potential, as well as the way it evoked themes that are at the core of my photographic work. A controlled burn is deliberately set; its violent, destructive force reduces invasive vegetation so that native plants can continue to prosper. (…) These images of regenerative destruction constitute a universal metaphor: the ephemeral moment when life and death are not opposed but are harmonized as a single process to be embraced as one.« Jane Fulton Alt

Jane Fulton Alt (b. 1951) is a fine art photographer based in the Chicago area. She has received numerous awards, among them Photolucida’s Critical Mass Award and the Humble Arts 31 Women in Art Photography. She has published Look and Leave: Photographs and Stories of New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward about the aftermath of Katrina in 2009. Alt’s work is in numerous permanent collections, e. g. the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Smithsonian National Museum of American History, New Orleans Museum of Art, De Paul Art Museum, Center for Photography, Woodstock.

Authors: Deborah Gribbon, Gary Gutting, Jane Fulton Alt, Michael Weinstein
Artists: Jane Fulton Alt

Designed by Sam Silvio
21 x 21 cm
96 pages
38 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-401-0
Euro 36,–