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ONE DAY - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg

148 Euro subscription price until March 31, 2011, after that date 188 Euro

Selected title German Photo Book Award 2012

10 Photographers

In 2009 photo artist Harvey Benge had the idea of getting a group of photographers together to shoot a book in a day. On June 21st, 2010, – the day of the solstice – ten of the world’s leading photographers of today each shot a series for a book, in different places around the world.
The individual concepts for the "One Day" series are as multifaceted as the work of the included artists, sometimes they even allow the viewer to catch a glimpse of the photographers’ private life. Martin Parr decided to photograph the small rituals of his daily life, Rinko Kawauchi documented a train journey in Japan, and Alec Soth took pictures with a polaroid camera his son had just given him for his birthday.
The result is a truly unique collector’s item, a boxed set including ten individual and elaborately designed hardcover books.

"At Paris Photo in November last year I talked to Gerry Badger about "print on demand" publishing and how it was possible to make a book in a day. From that conversation came the idea of getting a group of photographers together to all shoot a book in a day.
John Gossage came on board, so did Martin Parr, Jessica Backhaus, Eva Maria Ocherbauer and Rob Hornstra who were all at Paris Photo. Publisher Klaus Kehrer of Kehrer Verlag in Heidelberg liked the idea and agreed to publish a set of individual photobooks.
The idea gestated into 2010 and was again talked about in May at the Kassel Photobook Festival. Alec Soth joined the group and so did Rinko Kawauchi who were both at Kassel. A last and final participant was Todd Hido."
Harvey Benge

US release date: April 2011
(Consortium Book Sales & Distribution,

Artists: Alec Soth, Eva Maria Ocherbauer, Gerry Badger, Harvey Benge, Jessica Backhaus, John Gossage, Martin Parr, Rinko Kawauchi, Rob Hornstra, Todd Hido

Ten half linen bound hardcovers in a slipcase
16,5 x 22 cm
304 pages
194 color ills.
without text
ISBN 978-3-86828-173-6
188 Euro