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Rolf Julius - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg
Rolf Julius
Grau schweigt

Pushing the envelope between visual arts and music, Rolf Julius began in the 1970s to develop his own concept that can be classified as belonging to the young genre of sound art in Germany. "I create a musical space with my images. And with my music I create a pictorial space. Images and music are on equal footing. They meet in the mind of the viewer/listener and give rise to something new."
In this publication, Julius shows series of prints that serve as a score for piano and other instruments while also generating inner sounds within the viewer. The video installations illustrated here can also be regarded as nature still lifes.
Today, Julius accomplishments have gained international acclaim: he works in Japan, Korea, the USA, France, Italy and Spain, takes part in important musical events such as the Donaueschingen Music Festival or the Witten Festival of New Chamber Music and exhibits at venues including the new Nationalgalerie in Berlin. His most recent honors, notably the German Sound Art Award (2004) and the Hannah Hösch Award (2005), demonstrate his significance for what is in Germany still a relatively little-known art genre.

Editor: Hans Günter Golinski
Authors: Eugen Blume, Hans Günter Golinski, Maija Julius, Uwe Rüth
Artists: Rolf Julius

11 x 22 cm
128 pages
70 color illustrations
ISBN 978-3-939583-12-7
17,80 Euro