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Yael Ben-Zion - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg

Special edition
with a signed and numbered C-print, sheet size 28x28 cm "Milk" (see above)
limited edition of 100 + 5 e.a.
120 Euro

5683 miles away
Milton J. Weill Art Gallery, New York
02.03. – 02.05.2011

US-Booklaunch and signing
at the International Center of Photography, New York City, on Friday, April 15, 6–7.30pm
Selected title German Photo Book Award 2011 and among photoeye's Best Books 2010

Yael Ben-Zion

5683 miles is the distance between Tel Aviv and New York. From this distance, Yael Ben-Zion (*1973) has been looking back at her homeland for the last ten years, considering the meaning of »normal life« in this charged place. In repeated visits to Israel, Ben-Zion has created nuanced and layered images that capture the texture of Israelis’ day-to-day life. Shifting seamlessly between interiors and exteriors, portraits and still life, it is her sensitivity to details that ties the work together. While personal and intimate in nature, the photographs allude to the complexity of the political climate in Israel, and question its emotional and social consequences. As opposed to providing answers, however, "5683 miles away" offers a poetic reflection on the way people spend their lives.
Ben-Zion’s work has been exhibited in the United States and in Europe. In 2007, her photograph Crash was selected for the cover of American Photography 23. "5683 miles away" is her first monograph.

US release date: April 2011
Consortium Book Sales & Distribution,

Authors: Joanna Lehan
Artists: Yael Ben-Zion

24,5 x 24,5 cm
88 pages
55 color ills.

English / Hebrew
ISBN 978-3-86828-137-8
36 Euro