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Ida Pimenoff - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg
Ida Pimenoff

Book of Hours is the third photobook by Finnish photographer Ida Pimenoff. In her new work, Pimenoff combines images of everyday life with text: short pieces of fiction, random thoughts, memories. The main theme of the new book is time; the strange paradox that although days, in all their banality, often follow each other in a predictable manner, every single moment is unique. There is no going back. While the work deals with the passing of time, it also deals with memories (both light and dark), dreams, wishes, longing and loss. The title of the book, which refers to old, medieval, illustrated prayer books, wants to make the viewer pause for a moment, meditate on the mystery of life. Why are we here? What for? Who am I? And: where am I going?

The photography of Ida Pimenoff (b. 1977) is characterized by its poetic approach to life. In her work, she is searching for beauty, meaning and the common denominator – the point in which it is possible to recognize yourself in someone else’s view, or words. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe and the US. Her previous photobooks are Perhaps Loneliness Does Not Exist After All (2013) and A Shadow at the Edge of Every Moment of the Day (2011).

Authors: Ida Pimenoff
Artists: Ida Pimenoff

Swiss Binding
Designed by Tero Juuti
15,5 x 21 cm
128 pages
50 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-627-4
Euro 34,90