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Thomas Baumgärtel - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg

A stencil on hand-made paper signed by the artist is available as a numbered special edition of 100. Motif “Der Stecher”, 2008 (see above); Prize: 150 Euro (plus shipping costs). For orders: please contact us directly.

Thomas Baumgärtel
1997 - 2007

The spray-painted banana of Cologne artist Thomas Baumgärtel is known the world over as a quality seal and unofficial logo of the arts scene, emblazoned on the best museums and galleries and thus networking over 4,000 art spaces. In parallel with his spray-painting campaigns, which he also uses to courageously and humorously take a stand on political issues, Baumgärtel has created a painting oeuvre of which this is the first comprehensive survey.
Accompanying this catalogue a series of exhibitions will be mounted at various museums and galleries until mid-2009 showing works from the past ten years up to the present. Among the stations will be: Leopold Hoesch Museum Düren, Museum Goch, Kunsthalle Krems, Kunstsammlung Neubrandenburg, Kunsthalle Pirmasens, Siegerlandmuseum Siegen, Kunstverein Schwetzingen, Galerie RAAB Berlin, Galerie Martin Krebs Bern, Galerie Ricarda Fox Mülheim, Galerie Fischerplatz Ulm, Galerie Roland Aphold Basel, DavisKlemmGallery Mainz, Neue Kunst Gallery Karlsruhe and Galerie Pudelko Bonn.

Authors: Dietmar Schuth, Dorothea Eimert, Hartwig Knack, Ingrid Raab, Stephan Mann
Artists: Thomas Baumgärtel

24 x 31 cm
256 pages
350 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-939583-36-3
9,90 Euro