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Rudi Meisel - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg

C/O Berlin
22.08. – 08.11.2015

Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte
20.02. – 08.05.2016

dkw. Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus
26.11.2016 - 15.1.2017

Rudi Meisel

Conventional coziness, inhospitable housing, neighborly chat, beery gatherings, youthful rebellion, entertaining fests, rundown streets – over a period of eleven years, West German photographer Rudi Meisel captured the everyday life of ordinary people on either side. His photojournalistic documents merge into a unique, historical archive, and confuse and astonish on account of the subjects’ similarity. What is, actually, specifically West, specifically East? Often one has to look to the image titles to be reliably sure of classification. Rudi Meisel was one of the few West German photographers to travel to the GDR several times a year. On assignment from numerous media outlets he was able to document everyday life there – a special thing at that time. In the street photography tradition he is interested in events beyond state-controlled propaganda and staging. Perhaps, in interplay and comparison, the images provide insights into the question of dispositions that make up things like »Germanness« or characteristics of the »German people.«
Rudi Meisel (b. 1949) has worked since 1971 as a freelance photojournalist, among others for Spiegel, ZEIT, Stern, Time, Newsweek, Merian, GEO, ZEITmagazin.

Editor: C/O Berlin
Authors: Felix Hoffmann, Hans-Michael Koetzle
Artists: Rudi Meisel

Designed by Naroska Design
Half-cloth hardcover
24 x 30 cm
132 pages
91 duotone ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-633-5
Euro 39,90