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Elaine Ling - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg
Elaine Ling

A shaman stone sends its song across the Gobi desert. Tibetan prayer flags flutter in the wind sending prayers to the blue sky from a celebratory rock at Namtso Lake. Pictograms found in cliffs in the American Southwest, Africa, Australia, and Asia bear witness to the close relationship of man to the spirit world. Natural rocks stand majestically at their empowered sites. For 30 years, photographer Elaine Ling wandered through deserts, canyons and jungles gathering the mythology of »stones«. Across four continents, she travels with her strong cultural sensitivities: her birth heritage from the East and her philosophies from the West where she lived from the age of nine and studied medicine. In trust, we place a certain permanence in stones. But their fragility is at risk of destruction by the erosive forces of nature and the destructive forces of war. This book offers a stunning global view of a very unique presentation of natural and ancient stones. Listen to the polyphonic voice of »talking stones«.

Born in Hong Kong, Elaine Ling lives in Canada. Ling’s photographs, widely exhibited and published, are in the permanent collections of numerous museum and private collections.

»Much of human history is gleaned from the marks left in stone by our ancestors. Elaine Ling has travelled the world gathering what may be the most comprehensive body of work by a visual artist about the most compelling and spiritually charged stones still residing among us. These beautiful black-and-white images, made from the now extinct Polaroid Type-55 black-and-white negatives, are a fitting medium with which to capture these human histories. This beautiful and timely book arrives as the anxiety of our times causes many of us to wonder just how long our current monuments of stone will endure.«

Ed Burtynsky

Authors: Elaine Ling, Wade Davis, William Fox
Artists: Elaine Ling

Designed by Kehrer Design
28 x 31 cm
144 pages
114 tritone ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-623-6
Euro 48,-